Windows for Tomorrow


Ply Gem Windows is proud to be at the forefront of producing energy-efficient products that save our resources and minimize our carbon footprint. As a company, we embrace many environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. We recycle a variety of industrial and shipping materials, and use resources in close proximity to our facilities to lessen the amount of fuel used in transportation.

Because efficient environmental stewardship demands cooperation among the government, architects, manufacturers, builders and consumers, Ply Gem Windows works with a number of agencies and initiatives, like the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and ENERGY STAR® to achieve “green” results for both the commercial and residential markets.

Ply Gem Enviro

This NAHB Research Center Green Approved mark is your assurance that a product is eligible for points toward National Green Building Certification. Visit for more details. Many of the Ply Gem Windows have earned this certificate. To view specific certificates, visit

Green is more than a color at Ply Gem Windows – it’s the way we do business. We’re leading the way with environmentally friendly windows that are sealed and insulated so well, they help lower utility consumption. But we aren’t stopping there. We want to make sure we also reduce our company’s carbon footprint by operating our business in the most energy efficient manner possible.

Our Sustainability Efforts Are Clear

Our windows insulate better because they feature high performance spacer systems and advanced window frame designs.
Special Low-E glass coatings help windows reflect infrared light, keeping homes comfortable in extreme heat and cold.
Our products can use multiple Low-E coatings, specifically tailored to the needs of different climate zones.
Our multiple pane options offer greater energy efficiency, increased impact resistance and better sound insulation.
Gas fills such as argon and krypton provide better insulation than regular air.
The creative use of materials and pre-finished wood parts results in reduced on-site finishing and less on-going maintenance.
Select Ply Gem products sold in Canada are registered for use in the Canadian Built Green program. For details visit

Ply Gem Windows believes in responsible stewardship, that being eco-friendly is about more than just being green. It’s about responsible planning and management of resources. For those looking to lessen their carbon footprint, gain points toward green certification, or choose durable products that have a lighter impact on the environment, Ply Gem Windows can support your goals. If you are interested in learning more about Ply Gem Windows’ sustainability efforts, check out Ply Gem Windows’ Sustainability white paper.