Roanoke Valley EarthCraft House goes green with energy efficient Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series

Roanoke Valley Earth Craft House Goes Green

Key messages:

  • Ply Gem Windows Mira™ Premium Series windows are featured in the first certified gold EarthCraft House in the Roanoke Valley.
  • Fralin & Waldron will use Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series windows exclusively in the residential areas of Daleville Town Center, a new traditional neighborhood development.

Roanoke, Va. (December 8, 2009) - Building company Fralin & Waldron recently committed to using Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series windows in all of the residences being built at the new Daleville Town Center neighborhood located outside of Roanoke. Fralin & Waldron already used the Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series in the community model home, which was the first home in the Roanoke Valley to receive certified gold EarthCraft House status.

Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series windows boast a high energy efficiency rating and are ENERGY STAR® qualified in all climate zones. The windows are made of treated wood and clad with extruded aluminum to enhance structural integrity while protecting the wood from insects, fungi and water.

The EarthCraft House program outlines green building specifications for homes in the Southeast. Homes attain EarthCraft House certification by meeting certain green building criteria in categories such as site planning, and resource and energy efficiency. Certified homes not only require less energy, they also have a minimal impact on the environment during both the building process and the life of the home.

“The green attributes of the EarthCraft House make it a great place to showcase the energy efficiency features of the Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series,” said Chris Pickering, vice president, marketing, Ply Gem windows. “It’s the perfect opportunity to display the versatility of the series while promoting green building methods at the same time. We’re excited to be partnering with Fralin & Waldron to build better communities.”

Aesthetics and green techniques were key components in developing the EarthCraft House model for Daleville Town Center. Fralin & Waldron needed to meet the strict gold certification standards established by EarthCraft House, but they wanted to ensure that the home would have a unique look and feel. The company’s request for attractive and customizable windows that also boasted energy efficiency at a good price made the Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series stand out as the best choice for the new development.

“I felt the Ply Gem Windows Mira Premium Series was a great value,” said Adam Pullen, Fralin & Waldron residential designer. “Plus we were pleased with all of the options that are available from a quality and aesthetics standpoint. For all of the product and design features, Ply Gem Windows was a good fit for Daleville Town Center.”

The first phase of residential building at Daleville Town Center is underway. Once the project is finished, the neighborhood will include 300 single family detached homes, plus numerous town homes and lofts above the commercial centers.

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