Your selection of Cellular PVC Trim and Mouldings by Ply Gem to cover your most valuable investment should provide a beautiful appearance and long lasting protection.

Care Maintenance

To keep your home beautiful over the years, you should implement the following procedures at least annually for the major care of your Ply Gem Cellular PVC products.

Note: The following care and maintenance instructions apply to unpainted Products. For painted surfaces, please follow the care and maintenance directions provided by the coating manufacturer.

  1. General Cleaning. Use an ordinary garden hose to give your trim | mouldings a light rinse working from the top down.
  2. Moderate atmospheric Dirt. We recommend at least an annual washing with clear water using a garden hose and soft-bristled brush. A longhandled car washing brush is ideal for this purpose.
  3. Heavy Industrial Atmospheric Dirt. Wash in the manner indicated above, but use the following solution:
    • 1/3 Cup detergent (Tide, for example)
    • 2/3 Cup trisodium phosphate
    • 1 gallon water
  4. Mildew Accumulation. Mildew can collect on surfaces of all types of building products and is often evident on surfaces that have not been properly cared for and maintained. Normally, mildew will appear as black spots. Mildew can be removed by using the basic cleaning solution above with the addition of sodium hypochlorite as follows:
    • 1/3 Cup detergent (Tide, for example)
    • 2/3 Cup trisodium phosphate
    • 1 quart sodium hypochlorite 5% solution (Clorox, for example)
    • 3 quarts water

CAUTION: Do not exceed the recommended concentrations of cleaners; to do so can cause damage to the products’ surfaces. Avoid skin and eye contact with the solution, and in all cases follow manufacturer’s instructions for the use of cleaning compounds and solutions. Avoid use of abrasive-type cleaners and strong solvents. Test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area before applying to major areas. To minimize streaking always clean from the bottom to the top and follow with a rinsing of clear water. Excessive scrubbing is unnecessary, can be harmful to the products, and may cause undesirable glossy areas over the finish.

CAUTION: Do not use or mix sodium hypochlorite with other household chemicals or products containing ammonia. To do so will release hazardous gases.