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eLearning Courses

Learn best practices and get new insights, tips, training and more online, anytime with our E-Learning courses. Our online training and education  courses are available for installers, sales professionals and trade professionals.

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Business Development

Business Computing - Basics

For the contractor who is considering purchasing a computer for their business. Covers the selection of hardware and software, accessories and internet connection.

Business Computing - Intermediate

Reviews key software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Learn how to build a database of customers and prospects using Contact Manager so you can manage leads. Also includes a demo of the Ply Gem Estimator, a program designed to help you generate accurate proposals.

Business Computing - Advanced

Learn how to use software such as QuickBooks to enhance record keeping, generate income statement and balance sheet reports, and manage accounts receivable and payable.

Create a Successful Marketing Plan

Learn how to use social media such as YouTube, Facebook and blogs to generate leads, improve public relations and promote your business.

Project Estimating

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the free Ply Gem estimator tool, with which you can enter product descriptions, dimensions and prices to generate a customizable proposal sheet.

Website Builder

Registration/Getting Started

Introduction to building your own website.

Managing your Administration Process

Overview of best management practices online.

Photos/Newsletters/Social Media/Event Calendar

Overview of adding content online.

Advance Techniques

Enhance your business online through blogging and additional techniques. Completion of the other "Web Builder" classes is recommended before taking this class.