Not sure if you should hire a contractor or do it yourself? Not sure which siding material is right for you? Heard vinyl siding is a good value, but would like to study the facts? We've compiled the top questions here, with links to pages from this site that have the information you seek.

What remodeling projects have the best payback?

While a bathroom addition and basement remodel still hold the top spots, it's tough to beat siding and window replacement when it comes to recouping your remodeling investment dollars.  At 72% of the value paid back when you sell your home, you can enjoy your new look and energy savings today -- and get most of your investment back when you sell your home.

Which siding material is best?

What is soffit?

What are hems, locks and butts and why should I care?

What is insulated siding

What is covered under my warranty?

I moved into a house to which the former owner applied Ply Gem Performance Collection products. How do I tranfser the warranty into my name?

How can I repair my siding?

My siding is dirty, what is the best way to clean it?

What is certified siding?

Is vinyl siding green?

What goes under my siding?

What colors work best in certain situations?

Can I use Stone Veneer on any area of my home?

Do I need to secure my foundation in any way to use stone veneer?

Do I need a professional, or can I install my siding myself?

Where can I buy Ply Gem Performance Collection products?

How do I go about hiring a contractor?

How can I talk to my home owner’s association about vinyl siding?

How can I talk to the historical society about vinyl siding?

What is trim?

What about water management around my home?

Where can I find technical specifications on your products?

Where can I find Material Safety Data Sheets on your products?

Can soffit be used as vertical siding?