Marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Samples & Literature

At Ply Gem, we will provide you with an industry-leading collection of marketing support materials designed to help you close the sale. Below are examples of these marketing materials.



Hand Samples

10” x 13” and larger sample boards feature one cut sample profile attached to the front, and the back includes color sample chips.


Bookshelf samples

Folding sample cases show a cut sample for each of the profiles in a product family. In addition, they also include color sample chips, product details of all profiles.


Vinyl and metal fan decks

Vinyl and metal samples to show color, finish and emboss/texture.



Product catalogs and brochures

Inspirational, full-color catalogs and brochures that convey the beauty of their new exterior and give homeowners the photos and information they want to see.




Spec guide

Comprehensive guide listing the specifications of Ply Gem's entire product offering.







Digital Tools


Ply Gem Designed Exterior STUDIO Online Visualizer

Help home owners reach their design vision with Ply Gem’s Designed Exterior STUDIO Visualizer.  Home owners can mix and match various Ply Gem Performance Collection siding profiles and colors along with the colors of other Ply Gem products such as windows, shutters and trim to achieve their ultimate dream home exterior. This is great interactive tool for customer presentations. Simply set up a computer with internet access or use an iPad to connect to the Designed Exterior Studio here on the Ply Gem website. Click here to begin visualizing.


Designed Exterior Studio

Create a customized look for your existing home or new build.

For Pros

Helping builder professionals meet customer expectations and build business.

Home for Good

Build homes across America in partnership with families in need of affordable housing