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If you've decided to side your home you've no doubt done your homework and selected the best quality products and accessories to realize your design dreams. But there's still some important legwork left to do. Even if you chose a top-of-the-line product, if your walls aren't straight and free of rot, or if the material is not installed correctly, your new siding won't look good. Even worse, it won't perform the way you planned. Review the following  to avoid the fear factor and make sure you prep correctly, and hire an installer who'll meet your expectations.


Our Homeowners and home improvement professionals alike have long relied on Ply Gem for their steadfast commitment to producing innovative home exterior products of unsurpassed quality and durability.  Part of this commitment is providing in-depth installation instructions for our products.  Napco products were designed and manufactured to perform best when installed by qualified applicators. While we do not assume responsibility for installation of its products, we do keep installers informed on new techniques and provide detailed installation instructions on all of our products. We frequently update our installation manuals with new and improved methods of application. You should discuss any product adjustments with the dealer or applicator who did the work. The original dealer or applicator can best make these adjustments, since he or she will be most familiar with your installation.


To retrieve installation instructions for our products, simply download from the link below.


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Installation Manual

Shutter Mounting Clips Installation Instructions

Pilaster Installation Instructions

Mantel Installation Instructions



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