Mastic products are manufactured with exact standards to ensure the lasting beauty of your home. 


The vast majority of Mastic products are covered by an exclusive V.I.P Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means your products are covered for as long as you live in and own your home, and if you sell your home, the warranty is transferable and the new owners are covered for 50 years from the date of original installation. See the specific terms of our warranty below.


Ready for the fine print?

Get to know our Mastic product warranties.


Leaf Relief

Leaf Logic

Leaf Smart


Warranty Support

If you discover a defect and are still within your warranty period, simply notify Ply Gem directly within 30 days at 1-800-962-3563 and a friendly support professional will walk you through the rest.


Filing a Warranty Claim

To file a claim, please mail the completed claim packets and all accompanying documents to:

Download Warranty Claim Packet
 Ply Gem Siding Group
 Warranty Services Department
 303 West Major
 Kearney, MO 64060

Registering a Warranty
To register your warranty go here:

Transferring your warranty

Where appropriate, you and the subsequent Property owners may transfer your Warranty by providing written notice to us within 30 days after the date of transfer of ownership. This notice should include the warranty registration number (if available), the address of the Property, the name and mailing address (if different) of the new owners and the date of transfer. The notice should be sent to the following address or you can complete the following electronic transfer:
 Ply Gem Siding Group
 Warranty Transfer Department
 PO Box 110100
 Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Have Questions? Call 1-888-9-PLYGEM (888-975-9436)