Learn what is required for all Mastic Preferred Contractors and Mastic Elite Contractors.

Preferred Contractors

There are many pitfalls in remodeling that can be avoided by doing your research to pick the right contractor.  Mastic Home Exteriors helps to narrow your search for a qualified contractor by holding our Mastic Preferred Contractors and Mastic Elite Contractors to the highest standards to make your remodeling project successful. 

Requirements for all Mastic Preferred Contractors and Mastic Elite Contractors:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) score of 75% +

One important question to ask your contractor is how they handle customer disputes. Disputes will arise even with the best contractors but it’s how a contractor handles these disputes that make the difference.  We check the BBB score of all its Preferred and Elite Contractors and requires a score of 75% or higher to retain their Preferred Contractor status.  A Mastic Elite Contractor has an even higher requirement and must maintain a score of 90% or higher.

Experience installing vinyl siding

You should always be cautious of contractors who specialize in projects different from yours.  If your project includes vinyl siding, it’s crucial the contractor is an experienced installer.  Mastic Preferred Contractors must have been in business at least three years installing vinyl siding.  Standards are even higher for Mastic Elite Contractors who must have at least five years of experience installing vinyl siding and be certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

Use top of the line products

Your project is only as good as the products used to construct it, and the skill of the craftsman who do the work.  Mastic Preferred and Elite Contractors choose to use a product that is durable, dependable, warranted and from an established well-known manufacturer.

Mastic Preferred and Elite Contractors are licensed, insured and bonded

You want your contractor to be licensed, insured and bonded to protect your property and family.  We routinely check to make sure all Preferred and Elite Contractors still meet these qualifications.

Mastic Elite Contractors are committed to staying current with the industry

It’s important that a contractor is committed to staying current with technologies, products and methods in a rapidly-changing industry.  Likewise, a desire to be active in industry associations and keep certifications current speaks volumes about their credibility.  All Mastic Elite Contractors must pass two Mastic training classes every 24 months to keep their Elite Contractor status.