Our courses are practical, and relevant to both your business and your bottom line. You decide the course that fits, and we’ll deliver the session in an enriching, professional setting.

Knowledgeworkx Instructor-Led Courses

It’s what you know that often gives you the sharpest edge over your competition. Boost your business, product and installation knowledge by attending our informative training sessions. Led by professional instructors, our courses can be customized to fit your needs, and are available at our facilities or yours.

Our courses are practical, and relevant to both your business and your bottom line. You decide the course that fits, and we’ll deliver the session in an enriching, professional setting.

Business Development

In-Home Selling

Gain a better understanding of buyer motivation. Learn how to sell yourself as a problem solver. Become a more effective salesman.
Course length: 2-4 hrs.

Developing a Presentation Book

Learn how to develop and use a presentation book to improve your sales. Participants will receive a presentation book template they can modify to meet their individual needs.
Course length: 2-4 hrs.

Selling and Up-selling in the Home

Become a more effective salesman. Learn the psychology and techniques of up selling, such as the “good, better, best” approach. The instructor will review techniques in selling all Mastic products, with an emphasis on Designer Accents.
Course length: 2-4 hrs.

Overcoming Objections

Learn how to structure your sales presentations to address customer concerns and make it easy for homeowners to choose your services.
Course length: 2 hrs.

Lead Generation and Management

Learn how to find, develop, pre-qualify, analyze and prioritize leads. Also covers how to handle referrals, plan a canvassing program and make advertising, brochures and websites (including search engine optimization) more effective.
Course length: 2-4 hrs.

Designer Showroom

Make your showroom more appealing. includes actual showroom installation of items such as door surrounds, mantels, lineals, dentil or crown molding, corner posts and sunbursts.

Course length: 8-10 hrs.

Running a Successful Home Show Booth

Learn planning, participation and follow-up techniques. learn how to establish a budget and ROI (includes free software package), determine and develop advertising, promotions and giveaways.
Course length 2-4 hrs.

Selling to Architects

Gain a better understanding of the architect’s role, how to select the right architect for the job and develop an effective capability statement.
Course length: 2 hrs.

Product Knowledge

Gain a thorough understanding of product features and benefits, and how to use Mastic support and displays. Three separate modules: vinyl, Aluminum and injection Molded.
Course length: 1-4 hrs.

Business Computing

A comprehensive overview on business computing from selecting the right hardware and software for your business to enhancing your website to managing leads and social marketing.
Course length: 2 hrs.

Product Installation

General Installation techniques

Covers the required skills to install all or selected Mastic Home Exterior products. Choose either a presentation or a hands-on demonstration. Programs or classes can be customized to the needs of distributors or contractors. Pre-built installation walls can be shipped in to enhance the hands-on versions of the class.

VSI Installer Certification

This course reviews best practices for installation and concludes with a closed book exam. Successful course completion results in skill validation, listing on the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) website and permission to use the VSI Certified Installer logo. This course requires at least three years of experience. There is a $165 cost to take the certification test. A more intensive two-day class is available for contractors with less than three years of field experience.