Grow your business by using Mastic’s proven business-building programs, including certification as an Elite Contractor or Preferred Contractor, as well as lead generation, consumer financing, cause marketing, promotions and marketing plan evaluation tools.


Mastic Elite Contractor and Preferred Contractor Programs

You’ve already made the decision to set your business apart by choosing to install Mastic products. Now learn about the Mastic Elite Contractor and Preferred Contractor programs that offer exclusive benefits like customer referrals, discounts on sales tools, exclusive homeowner rebates and extended warranties.

Lead Generation

The internet is the number-one source by homeowners researching home remodeling projects and to find a contractor. Mastic’s website makes the experience more rewarding for homeowners and contractors alike. In addition to website leads, Mastic has created different tools and programs that you can use to generate more leads.

Marketing Tune-Up

Use this unique business-building resource to grow your sales with solutions from Mastic Home Exteriors. This valuable tool includes information on Mastic literature and displays that help you sell, innovative samples and tools that help you demonstrate and programs that get more leads and help close more sales.


Dreamhome Professional from Mastic

You the industry’s premier visualization solution to help you show a homeowner what their remodeled house can look like. Whether you pick the Dreamhome Professional software (use your computer to prepare the files yourself) or use the Dreamhome Masking Services (submit your photo and get the project back in any internet-connected web browser), you will have a solution to help your customers envision the finished project.