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When you enroll in LinkBuilder and we’ll give you a custom URL link to put on your website. When customers use that link, they will always see banner ad on Mastic.com for your company, and they’ll never be exposed to the “Find-A-Contractor” search function on our site. This safely allows you to let your customers navigate the Mastic.com site, saving you thousands of dollars and time putting the Mastic info into your site separately. This link also helps your site’s “search engine optimization,” which means your company name will show up higher in popular search engines.


When you use LinkBuilder to connect to mastic.com, your free, custom-designed banner ad stays on-screen the entire time a homeowner is visiting the Mastic site through your link. This ensures that your company always stays top-of-mind with your homeowner, and your guest will never see the “Find a Contractor” function on the Mastic site.

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