Homeowner Marketing Rebate

Homeowner Rebates

Homeowners who purchase Structure® Home Insulation System™ are invited to submit “before” and “after” photos of their home — and are rewarded with a $100 cash gift card direct from Mastic. And Mastic will send another $150 gift card if the homeowner agrees to track their utility bill savings for one year. The best part: there is nothing you need to do except give homeowners the 2014 Marketing Rebate form, available from your distributor or click here.


It’s easy:

  • Install Structure® Home Insulation System™ on a project. Structure® must cover at least 50% of the home’s exterior walls.
  • Homeowner completes the form and submits before and after photos of their home; Mastic sends $100 gift card.
  • Homeowner completes the “Structure® Energy Savings Worksheet” for 12 consecutive months and submits it to Mastic; Mastic sends $150 gift card.
  • Your completed job — identified with your company name — may be featured on Mastic.com here.

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