Bring your customers plans to life

Dreamhome Contractor

As a Dreamhome Contractor, you’ll have FREE access to Mastic’s professional-level Dreamhome Visualizer. This innovative tool can help customers and prospects envision the possibilities for their home exterior.


Every piece of Mastic product literature invites homeowners to visit the Mastic website and experience The Designed Exterior Studio, our exclusive home exterior visualizer, which invites homeowners to see what Mastic products look like on a set of 20 stock house styles. This easy-to-use tool helps homeowners see what’s possible — and enables them to play with color and texture combinations that can really set a home apart. As a Mastic Preferred Contractor, you can take your homeowners a step further with a subscription to Mastic Dreamhome Professional — an in-home digital demonstration tool that lets you show homeowners how Mastic products can transform their home into a dream home.


This tool enables you to create a realistic rendering of their home that shows how Mastic products can pair with windows, roofing and doors to create a beautiful, designed exterior that reflects the homeowner’s style and taste. Studies show that homeowners are more likely to choose a contractor who can show them visually what their project will look like over a contractor who cannot.


With Dreamhome Professional, you immediately set your business apart, and your profile on will prominently tell homeowners that you can show them how their home can become their “Dreamhome” right before their eyes.