Cedar Shake Roofing: Is a Cedar Shake Roof Ideal for Your Home?

Just like all roofing materials, cedar shake roofing has its pros and cons. Whether or not a cedar roof is right for you is definitely an individual decision and should be based on your needs. Let’s a take a look at the pros and cons of cedar shake roofing so you can decide if it’s the ideal roofing material for your home.

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Benefits of cedar shake roofing.

1. The greatest advantage of cedar shake roofing is its natural beauty.

Contractors and architects often recommend wood roofing because it is easy to install and is very visually appealing if maintained properly.

2. Cedar shake roofs last longer than asphalt roofs.

You can expect a cedar shake roof to last anywhere from 30-40 years, which is about 10 years longer than an average asphalt roof.

3. A cedar roof is environmentally friendly.

Cedar is a sustainable resource and doesn’t leave much waste.

The drawbacks of cedar shake roofing.

1. Cedar shake is more expensive than other roofing materials.

Compared with other roofing materials cedar roofing shingles are more expensive and cost more to install.

2. Cedar roofs require ongoing maintenance.

Without the proper protection and ongoing maintenance, wood shake roofing is vulnerable to insects, mold, fungi and weather conditions.

3. Potential fire damage is another important factor when considering a wood shake roof.

Insurance companies tend to charge higher deductibles for houses with wood shake because of its susceptibility to fire.

Why composite cedar shake roofing may be a better choice.

What is composite cedar shake roofing? This is an alternative roofing material, also called synthetic roofing or engineered roofing, which can give your home the look of a cedar shake roof without any of the drawbacks.

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Here are a few benefits of a composite cedar shake roof:

1. It gives you the look of cedar shake shingles, without the maintenance.

High quality synthetic cedar shake roofing, like Ply Gem Roofing’s Engineered Cedar Shake, looks just like real shingles but without any of the ongoing maintenance.

2. Composite roof tiles are incredibly durable.

In fact, Ply Gem Roofing comes with a 50 year limited warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our Engineered Cedar Shake can withstand hail and other potential impacts.

3. Composite cedar shake is fire resistant.

Unlike real cedar shake roofing, synthetic cedar shake roof shakes are fire resistant. Some building codes where fire is a danger restrict or ban the use of wood shingling altogether. In these cases, engineered cedar shake could be a good alternative.

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