Ply Gem Stone


The smooth, round shapes of Riverstone exhibit a gentle, unpretentious character. They bring the outdoors indoors and make beautiful fireplaces. On the exterior, the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors creates a striking mosaic on walls and columns.

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  • Individual stone average thickness is 1 ¼ inches
  • Individual stonelength (vertical height) 4 – 14 inches
  • Individual stone width 4-14 inches
  • Suitable for interior or exterior installation
  • Matching corners available
  • 50 Year Warranty

(Special Order only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for this product to be produced and shipped. This time-frame also includes sample boards.)

Item NumberCoverage per CartonCarton WeightCartons Per Pallet
Flats7551221010 sq ft95 lbs20
Corners755122115 linear ft30 lbs20

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Ply Gem Stone

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Ply Gem Stone

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Ply Gem Stone

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Ply Gem Stone


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