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Durata EZ Column Wrap

Innovative stone veneer that requires no mortar to install.  This patented, interlocking system makes creating beautiful interiors and exterior walls simple.

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Durata EZ Column Wrap

Durata EZ Column Wrap can transform an ordinary post or column structure into a beautiful and elegant presentation. Simple and easy to install around an existing structural element. No mortar needed.

  • Faster and easy to install
  • Designed to wrap around 4″ X 4″, 6″ X 6″ or 8″ X 8″
  • Two mechanically fasten points per section; 12″ high sections (14″ X 14″ square)
  •  Packaging Detail – 1 section per box = 4 pieces (each section in a box is 1 foot high). Example: To complete a four foot EZ Column Wrap, you will need 4 boxes• 18″ X 18″ split Capstone made to fit 4″ X 4″ and 6″ X 6″
  • Construction adhesive between column sections and cap stone
  • Quick to install and cost effective • 50 year warranty
  • Watch the installation video