Tornado Rebuild in Joplin with Extreme Makeover – The Nevins Family

Every neighborhood has “that” house – the one where all the kids meet up, get their snacks and hang out. Prior to the tornado last May, that was the Nevins’ home.

As the storm’s force overwhelmed the town of Joplin, Justin and Kari, along with their four children, Uriah, Avery, Cana and Rhoen, crowded together in the family cellar hoping to escape certain loss. Even though their house was completely ripped apart, as soon as he knew his family was safe, Justin immediately began to help dig neighbors out of the wreckage. The tornado not only destroyed their house, but the entire community – including the school where Kari invests her time.  Since May, the Nevins have been living in a friend’s basement.

The team was thrilled to take a natural approach to the design and material selection of this home – “The Eco.” Because this hip, young family is very earth-conscious and interested in natural living, the house, with its insulated siding, energy-efficient windows and solar panels, ideally suits them.

Welcome home, Nevins family. We look forward to seeing pictures from the first block party!