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When to live through a remodel and when to hit the road, Jack

Staying in your home through a major renovation can be one of the toughest things to endure as a homeowner. What many...

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What You Need to Know About Trim

There’s an unfortunate scenario that plays out in many exterior remodeling jobs and it goes something like this: a ho...

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Good Bones: The French Country

This is by far my favorite style. It brings back memories of my summer in Paris while I was a student of architecture...

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The NAHB Studies Characteristics of Single-Family Homes

Smaller footprints will remain popular beyond the recovery, and many other luxury amenities are becoming more rare. T...

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Good Bones: Low Country

As an architect in the southeast, I have the fortune to design many Low Country style homes. I can’t help but be atta...

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Curb appeal: Always the hottest home improvement trend

The busy home remodeling season is a great time for homeowners to focus on increasing curb appeal.

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Curb Appeal 101

Curb appeal is king. According to a 2013 report done by the National Association of REALTORS, 71 percent of homeowner...

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Joplin EMHE: The Gonzalez-Ely Family

As the storm loomed over Joplin on May 22, Scott, Natalie, and son Augie, huddled together in the bathtub. The three ...

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Myth Busters: Why Vinyl Siding is America’s Hottest Home Design Feature

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding is a hot home exterior material, appearing on nearly one third of a...

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