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How to prepare for a consultation with a remodeling contractor.

In anticipation of your upcoming home remodeling project, you likely have been watching home improvement shows on TV,...

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Homeowner Testimonial: Meet the Peeks (p. 3), Low Maintenance

In part three of our visit with the Peeks, David and Michelle both talk about how the low maintenance quality of thei...

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Homeowner Testimonial: Meet the Peeks (p.2), Energy Efficiency

The exterior of David and Michelle Peek’s home was completely remodeled. In this video, he talks about the improved e...

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Questions to ask before replacing windows

With summer in full swing (and the air conditioning full blast), you may be thinking of home improvement projects tha...

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What does it mean to build green?

Going green isn’t just a fad, it’s a near-future necessity. In fact, when shopping for a home, an increasing number o...

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Budgeting for your home renovation

Planning an update to your home can be an energizing and exciting endeavor – the perfect opportunity to re-invent you...

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