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Blending old and new techniques for long-term performance

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe is a marvel of high-performance residential construction

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Your Window Glossary

Review our listing of common window terms and phrases.

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Green Benefits of Vinyl Siding

When a homeowner or building professional searches for building products, there are many ways to go green. In additio...

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How to Make Your Home’s Design Functional

When you are selecting a new home for yourself, remodeling your present home, or helping a client remodel and reconfi...

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Questions to ask yourself about potential contractors

While it’s important to ask these qualifying and follow-up questions, it is just as important to ask yourself some qu...

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Many Hands Make Quick Work

We heard it said several times, “An hour’s work here is equivilent to a week’s worth of work at a typical house build...

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Home Remodel = Improved Energy Efficiency

Since their home just outside of Kansas, MO was remodeled, Rusty and Melinda Kurtz love the way their home looks, but...

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Evaluating a potential contractor

Asking good questions at the beginning will help set the tone and is necessary for any project to go smoothly.

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Are You Throwing Money Out the Window?

Energy efficiency is important to all homeowners, both in the heat of the summer and the frigid temperatures of winte...

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