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Good Bones: English Country

This is a warm and cozy style with gobs of character, plenty of nostalgia and Old World Charm. The person drawn to it...

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Good Bones: Prairie

If you need one word to sum up Prairie style, go with “Sturdy.” Prairie style is a bold, masculine American style bor...

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Good Bones: Georgian

When I think of the Georgian architectural style, I think of a style that says, “I’ve made it and I’m here to stay! I...

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Good Bones: Folk Victorian

If you like elegance coupled with playfulness, then you’ll love the Folk Victorian style! Don’t let the name fool you...

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Good Bones: Modern Tuscan Architectural Style

May I introduce the Modern Tuscan? This style effortlessly pairs old world charm with modern materials and colors. Es...

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Good Bones: Tuscan

The Tuscan style, with its casual, no rules expression, has become crazy popular. And why not? Doesn’t that capture t...

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Good Bones: Craftsman

When I think about architectural styles and personalities, I think of Craftsman first. The Craftsman style is confide...

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Good Bones: The French Country

This is by far my favorite style. It brings back memories of my summer in Paris while I was a student of architecture...

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Good Bones: Low Country

As an architect in the southeast, I have the fortune to design many Low Country style homes. I can’t help but be atta...

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