The best protection in the industry for the boldest colors in the neighborhood.


We appreciate deep, bold colors as much as anyone. But we also know dark colors can be impacted by the fading and distorting effects of the sun. So, to deliver dark colors that perform as well as our light colors, we put our top engineers and technologists to work.

After extensive research, development and testing our team of experts pioneered a patent-pending solution: SolarDefense Reflective Technology. It combines an innovative approach to color with a reflective chemistry that counteracts the sun's impact. This remarkable panel is so effective, we back our new bold colors with a best-in-class limited lifetime warranty with an industry-exclusive performance promise against fade and heat distortion. Click here to request a free sample.


Our richest, darkest colors yet.

SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ colors are darker than anything Mastic has offered to date. These rich new colors add bold palette options to our already high performing light and mid-tones.*


Protection so effective

we added a no fade, no distortion promise.

It's one thing to promise better performance. It's another to back it up with the strongest warranty against fading and heat distortion in the industry.


SolarDefense No Fade Promise**

  • Will not fade more than 1 Hunter unit for the first 5 years
  • Will not fade more than 2 Hunter units from 6 years onward




Our closest competitor provides warranty coverage against fading of 3 Hunter units. Typical coverage is up to 5 Hunter units. Comparison is for illustrative purposes only. Delta E is the measurement of the total color change over time, and is expressed in Hunter units.


SolarDefense No Distortion Promise**

  • No heat distortion from climate or reflective light sources


No competitor offers coverage for heat distortion resulting from reflective light sources, such as windows.

Advanced protection

against fade and distortion.

The intense heat and UV rays of the sun can take a toll on home exteriors. They cause color to fade over time and can damage panels when those rays are concentrated.

Dark colored panels present a tougher challenge because they can absorb more of the sun's damaging rays. SolarDefense combines two advanced technologies to protect our new dark colors from the sun.

*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown.

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